Generosity is Expensive – Yet Free

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Went to Starbucks today to pick Rhonda up her favorite coffee.  I placed my order and pulled up to the window.  At the window I was informed my order had been paid for by the person a head of me. A recurring phenomenon at Starbucks.  I remember thinking, “wow! free coffee!!” But also surmising I did not want to be the person to “break the chain” of generosity in the Starbu

coffee mug

cks line.  No telling what kind of Starbucks scrooge list I would end up on if I did.  So I quickly responded with – “OK, I will take care of the person behind me.”

  As those words left my lips my eyes glanced into my review view mirror to notice there were 4 people in the car behind me.  Immediately, the cash registrar in my head began to run possible totals – as the barista returned to vocalize the actual total confirming my estimations.  My tall white chocolate mocha with soy – just became an expensive cup of coffee.

I reached back into my wallet and pulled at the rest of my cash thinking there goes Subway for 4!  As I drove off all I could do was smile and laugh.  But as I continued on commute to deliver this temporary object of my generosity, I noticed something else going on in my heart.

I did not feel any regret, guilt or anger about the amount of money I just spent on coffee.  But I did feel free.  Not because my coffee was free – but rather because of the expression of generosity, both toward me and from me.

I think a great benefit from generosity, when you receive it and offer it, is freedom.  I have felt this way before.  Matter fact, it happens every time I give. There is so much freedom in the giving.  Freedom for the object of generosity.  A burden is lifted, a need met or a stressful reality put to rest.  Freedom for the generosity giver.  The blessing of being part of lifting the burden, meeting the need, or changing the reality.

This is not a natural tendency.  Some have a better capacity for it – but it is not natural to operate in the generous.  But we are called to live in the “in humility consider others as more important than yourselves; to look not only for our own interest but also for the interest of others.” (Phil 2:3-4)

I hope I can get better at living in the generous.  Generosity is expensive – but the freedom it brings is worth every dime it may cost.

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