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Stress is not an uncommon thing for any student or non-student for that matter. But is the amount of stress increasing and are students dealing with more in their lives today (than say a generation ago) creating more emotional and mental stability issues? Some would think so. I would tend to agree.

I have honestly referred more kids to counselors this school year than any year previous. I predict I will continue to see this.

One word the Huffington Post article issues best describes what I am seeing – “Overwhelmed.” Here is the ARTICLE. Take a look and let me know what you think. There are related post at the bottom of the article (I have not read them yet.) They might be worth taking a look at as well.

What are you seeing among the student population you work with?

Guy Chmieleski over at Faith on Campus just finished up another blogathon. This one was “Sex & Soul”. I have read a handful of the post and looking forward to reading a few others. It will be worth your time to look through the archive. The post are very insightful and may be helpful to you in your ministry in helping your students navigate these waters.

Find the blogathon HERE

The latest Pew Research study is out on internet use. Take a look and see how this generation and previous are using the internet.

See the study HERE.

I came across this article this morning. Marketing is something every campus ministry must do in some form or fashion to get on “the map” of a college student on our campus. This is especially true of the online world. The article points to some interesting approaches companies are employing to reach this generation of students. See if the insights help spur some ideas for promoting your own ministry.

See the article HERE.

Here is an interesting article from USA Today. As campus ministers we see students embrace the idea of service through missions often. Students give up their breaks in our ministries all the time to take their love for people and their heart for the nations to serve their fellow man to share the gospel with those in need.

The article is a great reminder of how opportunity to serve others (least of these) can be used to reach the greater population of students that surrounds us.

Here is the article. What are your thoughts?

Dr. Albert Mohler has an interesting post on his blog today. Take a look at it HERE. Do you or any of your students see evidence of this on your campus?

There are also a few links to a other post relative to college ministry. They might be worth a look.

Beloit College released its mindset list for the class of 2014 today. It is worth taking a look at. The list does provide some perspective of what this generation has grown up with and with out.

You can see the list HERE.

Faith on Campus has been hosting a ‘Back to School Blog-A-Thon’ the past three days. There is some great material on the blog and is worth taking a look at. Guy Chmieleski’s blog is worth reading on a regular bases.

Here are my two favorite post – HERE and HERE.

I also found this ONE very interesting.

Benson Hines always has some good stuff to say – see his HERE.

Enjoy! along with Christianity Today have produced another resource for small group leaders. An online magazine or ‘digizine.’ Visually, it is very nice. Like most magazines it is content mixed with ads on products (mostly small group resources.) The embedded videos give the zine an interactive feel. You can also download the digizine and or print a hard copy.

Content in first issue is good. Some of it can be helpful to your collegiate small groups. It is worth taking a look at, passing along and signing up to receive future issues. You can even enter to win an iPad.

You can see the Digizine HERE

It has been a while since my last post. Sorry for the hiatus. I am working to get back on track with regular posting here and my other blog. In the mean time….

Guy Chmieleski posted some interesting thoughts on collegiates and small groups at his blog Faith On Campus. The blog is worth subscribing to and reading. I want to encourage you to take a look at these two post. You can find the first one HERE – the second HERE.

What are some of your thoughts?