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This morning I read Tim Elmore’s latest blog post. The first 2/3rds of the post deal with the communication gap between the iY Generation and older generations. (The other 1/3rd of the post is a plug for Tim’s new book on the subjuct, “Habitudes for Communicators”. I plan on picking it up.) The post provides some good observations points to think about as you work to communicate effectively with your students.

What are some ways you are communicating with your students? What have you found to be difficult? What have you found to be effective?

You can find the post HERE.

FYI: I have used Dr. Elmore’s Habitudes and other resources and have found them very useful. See his website here.


Chuck Bomar (I like this guy) put a post up on 5 characteristics of churches that embrace college age people. The post stems from a book he recently co-authored with Reggie Joiner and Abbie Smith titled, “Slow Fade.” I have not read Bomar’s latest “yarn,” but plan to remedy the situation soon.

I found the post interesting. Bomar points to core philosphies of how to approach church rather than stylistic and cosmetic efforts of one focused ministry (on collegiates) in the church. Take a look at the post HERE.

Spend some time on Bomar’s blog – it is worth the read.

Today – I want to point you to the content posted on a few other blogs. I think you will find all of these helpful in your ministry with students.

GUY CHMIELESK on his blog Faith On Campus post some ideas for ministry during the month of April. April, as Guy points out, can be a “check out” season for students and ministries. Don’t let this be your ministry.

April can be a great month to launch a new series of bible studies. Launch a small gender specific groups focused on special topics and issues for each gender. This can be a short 4 week study.

Life Action Ministries posted a blog from an audio by Tim Keller – “Living Missionally.” It provides a practical thought pattern of how to see our context from a missional standpoint. This is how we need to help our students see and approach the world they live in.

With Easter a few days a way, I found this post at Crossway very fitting. Read Jesus Died. It takes an except from Mark Driscoll and Dr. Gerry Breshears’ book – “Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe” on the cross of Christ. We need to reminded from time to time of the physical torture the Saviour endured on our behalf.

Take a look and let me know what you think.