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I find myself pointing people to other post on this blog a great deal – I like to share what I find helpful. Today is no different. I came across this guest post on Faith On Campus to be very helpful. Check it out HERE. This is a guest post from Robert Henry.

Here is a post I came across today by Seth Godin. It is a brief one – but I found it a powerful reminder and a bit convicting.

Take a look at it HERE.

Beloit College released its mindset list for the class of 2014 today. It is worth taking a look at. The list does provide some perspective of what this generation has grown up with and with out.

You can see the list HERE.

Heart of Campus Ministry has an interesting post today on determining a quality campus ministry. The post list a series of questions that could be asked to help evaluate a collegiate ministry. They do not all fit every context, however, there are some very good questions listed. This is my favorite quote from the post:

The best way to determine quality is to continue asking the hard questions. Ask yourself tough questions. Ask your team tough questions. Put yourself on the line and ask your students to evaluate the quality of the campus ministry.

Good questions are the key to any evaluation. The answers will not always be liked – but failure to ask can be much worse. Evaluation needs to be an on going process in a campus ministry. You can read the post and some great questions to ask HERE.