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Relevant Magazine is doing a “re-posting” of their best web content from the past year. I found this one, “We need boring Christians” interesting. I want to call your attention to it as well. (Maybe you saw it when it was first posted this year, I missed it.)

Andrew Byers (he blogs at Hopeful Realism) reminds us of the need and the importance of the the “dull labors and bewildering struggles that would make unexciting press” and the reality that “discipleship is often ugly, messy and painful.” I know I catch myself pointing my eyes and my students eyes toward the ‘radical’ and the clamorous more than I do toward the every day labor of being faithful where God has placed you and doing whatever we do for the honor and glory of Christ.

I think the reminder is worth reading – take a look at it and join in on the discussion.

Here is an interesting article from USA Today. As campus ministers we see students embrace the idea of service through missions often. Students give up their breaks in our ministries all the time to take their love for people and their heart for the nations to serve their fellow man to share the gospel with those in need.

The article is a great reminder of how opportunity to serve others (least of these) can be used to reach the greater population of students that surrounds us.

Here is the article. What are your thoughts?