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Hide-n-Seek & Twister

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Lost my keys yesterday – you will never guess where I found them.

I was getting out of my truck yesterday morning to come into my office. I opened my truck door, reach over to my cukeysp holder and grab my coffee mug. I then step out of my truck, move my coffee mug from my right hand to my left. I open the back door of my truck to grab my back pack, sling it over my right should and shut the door. I move back toward the front of the truck cab to get my office keys.

They are not in the place I normally keep them. So I assume they must be in a pocket. With my only empty hand (left hand is holding my coffee mug) I go through my right side pockets – my pants and jacket. Nothing. So I reach across my body with my right hand and check my left side pockets – ever see someone do that – it looks like your playing twister all by yourself. No keys to be found. Terrific – not only am I playing twister this morning – looks like its a game of hide and seek with my keys as well.

I do what most people do when the are looking for something that seems to be missing. I look in the place they are normally kept (once again) and other places they could have ended up – still nothing. I look in other potential places in the truck – under seats, in my consol, the cup holder – nothing. I play twister with myself several more times by checking all my pockets with one hand – because I am still holding my coffee. Keys are no where to be found. I pull my backpack off my shoulder and go through it – one-handed. No keys to be found.

I must have left them at home is my final assessment. A bit aggravated with myself, I throw my back pack into the back seat again – I move to the front of the truck cab to climb in. Before doing so I reach across the front seat with my left hand to place my coffee mug in the cup holder. As I sit the mug down into the holder and begin to take my hand a way from the mug – guess what I find – MY KEYS!! Guess where they were (no not in the cup holder – I looked there.) They had been hanging on my pinkie finger of my left hand, holding the coffee mug through the entire game of twister and hide and seek.  A bit irritated by my own blindness – I journey on into my office.

As I am finally settling in from the play ground I just created around my truck, I am struck by a thought. How often have I been seeking something “lost” only to find it in plain sight? How often have I done the very same thing with God?

My keys technically were not lost – they were exactly where I put them. Which is true in most cases of anything I have lost. They are in the same spot I left them.

God never goes into hiding. There have been times when I feel like I can’t find Him or hear Him. But most of the times its because I am not really looking or listening. I act like I am – but I’m really just playing some game. God is always available and ready to hear me and respond to me as I seek him out. He does not ask for any games to be played in order to meet with Him. He simply waits for me to empty my hands of all the things blinding my eyes and deafning my ears to where He sits, waiting and available and what He says offering answers and hope.

What about you? Is it time to stop the game playing, drop what is in your hands and seek the Lord?

“Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.” – Isaiah 55:6 (NIV)

Went to Starbucks today to pick Rhonda up her favorite coffee.  I placed my order and pulled up to the window.  At the window I was informed my order had been paid for by the person a head of me. A recurring phenomenon at Starbucks.  I remember thinking, “wow! free coffee!!” But also surmising I did not want to be the person to “break the chain” of generosity in the Starbu

coffee mug

cks line.  No telling what kind of Starbucks scrooge list I would end up on if I did.  So I quickly responded with – “OK, I will take care of the person behind me.”

  As those words left my lips my eyes glanced into my review view mirror to notice there were 4 people in the car behind me.  Immediately, the cash registrar in my head began to run possible totals – as the barista returned to vocalize the actual total confirming my estimations.  My tall white chocolate mocha with soy – just became an expensive cup of coffee.

I reached back into my wallet and pulled at the rest of my cash thinking there goes Subway for 4!  As I drove off all I could do was smile and laugh.  But as I continued on commute to deliver this temporary object of my generosity, I noticed something else going on in my heart.

I did not feel any regret, guilt or anger about the amount of money I just spent on coffee.  But I did feel free.  Not because my coffee was free – but rather because of the expression of generosity, both toward me and from me.

I think a great benefit from generosity, when you receive it and offer it, is freedom.  I have felt this way before.  Matter fact, it happens every time I give. There is so much freedom in the giving.  Freedom for the object of generosity.  A burden is lifted, a need met or a stressful reality put to rest.  Freedom for the generosity giver.  The blessing of being part of lifting the burden, meeting the need, or changing the reality.

This is not a natural tendency.  Some have a better capacity for it – but it is not natural to operate in the generous.  But we are called to live in the “in humility consider others as more important than yourselves; to look not only for our own interest but also for the interest of others.” (Phil 2:3-4)

I hope I can get better at living in the generous.  Generosity is expensive – but the freedom it brings is worth every dime it may cost.