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Dwight D. Eisenhower defined leadership this way, “The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

This is a fitting definition for leadership in the context of campus ministry – the art of getting students to reach the campus, because they want to reach the campus. But how do we get students to want to reach the campus? It starts with leadership.

The givens:

    Every campus ministry must have leadership.
    Campus ministers (non-student staff) are a big part of the leadership equation in any ministry to collegiates rather it be church based or campus based.

However, the hinge point is this: leadership from the constituents of a ministry is the very breath of the effort.

Collegiate ministry must have collegiates in the lead. The reality of leadership relegates success and failure. Leadership creates the perception and the experience of an organization. Leadership maps the pace and the destination of a ministry. With out collegiates in the lead of a collegiate ministry it cannot achieve its ultimately purpose: reach the campus.

This is a start to a series of post discussing Leadership with in a collegiate ministry. Here are some of the questions I will answer and discuss:

    What are the qualities of a collegiate leader?
    What is the process to recruit leaders?
    How are leaders trained and developed?
    What are the expectations of the leader?

Obviously context is a significant factor in the answer to these questions. I will base my answers on my own context and experience. I invite readers from other contexts to offer insights from their perspective.

Give the questions above some thought and offer your insight. If you have another question you would like to add to the mix, please offer it through the comments.

Until next time…