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Guy Chmieleski over at Faith on Campus just finished up another blogathon. This one was “Sex & Soul”. I have read a handful of the post and looking forward to reading a few others. It will be worth your time to look through the archive. The post are very insightful and may be helpful to you in your ministry in helping your students navigate these waters.

Find the blogathon HERE


Here is another article on how Gen Y’ers will impact the world today. Interesting read. Find the article HERE

Beloit College released its mindset list for the class of 2014 today. It is worth taking a look at. The list does provide some perspective of what this generation has grown up with and with out.

You can see the list HERE.

Ed Stetzer posted today about USA Today’s report on recently released data revealing the spiritual views of Millennials (those born between 1980-1991). You can find this post HERE.

In the post he links to the discussion going on in the comments of the USA Today Report. The official news release from Lifeway is HERE. And a post from Thom Rainer (author of a book based on the data) can be found HERE. You can download the actual presentation at the bottom of Stetzer’s post.

To gain a better understanding on the spiritual views of this generation of college students it would be worth your time reading these post. Rainer’s book should prove to be insightful when it is released.

What are your thoughts on it?

(Should have more on the Leadership series before the end of the week.)