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Guy Chmieleski over at Faith on Campus just finished up another blogathon. This one was “Sex & Soul”. I have read a handful of the post and looking forward to reading a few others. It will be worth your time to look through the archive. The post are very insightful and may be helpful to you in your ministry in helping your students navigate these waters.

Find the blogathon HERE

Chuck Bomar (I like this guy) put a post up on 5 characteristics of churches that embrace college age people. The post stems from a book he recently co-authored with Reggie Joiner and Abbie Smith titled, “Slow Fade.” I have not read Bomar’s latest “yarn,” but plan to remedy the situation soon.

I found the post interesting. Bomar points to core philosphies of how to approach church rather than stylistic and cosmetic efforts of one focused ministry (on collegiates) in the church. Take a look at the post HERE.

Spend some time on Bomar’s blog – it is worth the read.

As a collegiate minister I am always on the look out for new resources and places to gain insight, discover new ideas, and find encouragement from fellow campus workers. College Leader is one of those places. Spend some time on this site reviewing some of their resources (I have used a few of them) and reading the articles. I think you will find many of them to be helpful in your context.

Let me know your thoughts.